It hurt so bad

Pray for your children, that’s all you can do. God bless.



They say “give it over to GOD he’ll work it out.” But be for real sometimes YAH don’t move when we want him to. I’m not rushing him either. I have to wait. We go through things to learn a lesson. Or we reaping the harvest in which we have sewn. I pray that what this be it will strengthen me. Make me a better me.
I did the best I could that’s all I can do. I’m putting this in the hands of YAH, but I have to say it hurts so bad. Being a single mom, I raised my children to love, honor and obey. It hurts to know they have no love for me. When they reach a certain age, it’s no longer me that is an influence in their lives. It’s the other things and people. I don’t know what’s been said or told to my…

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