Feeling down? Accept this blessing please.

Father God, we come to you tonight in thanks for all that you do for us and for being our God, the one and only God of all Creation. We are honored to be a part of the Family of God. Father show us various ways to attract people to Jesus, your Son. Give us the wit and the Power of the Holy Ghost, that we need in our conversations that will catch the attention of those needing your salvation through Jesus the Son/Christ/Savior. Make our hearts attentive to the whispers of Your Holy Spirit.

I ask also that you comfort all those who are depressed or weary. The enemy tries to wear us down and sometimes it gets hard but we know that with You and the power of the Holy Ghost, we CAN make it. We pray for our brothers and sisters who are experiencing this right now. It’s the trick of satan to wear down the body of Christ so that we won’t have enough power or faith to move mountains when we should be.

I pray and declare right now in Jesus name that each and every person who is being bombarded by the enemy and his imps and demons, would be free from their wiles and tricks. Every open door that they have that would allow satan to enter, I command you to close yourself right now so that the enemy cannot enter into their sanctuaries. I decree and declare also that those who have open doors would be shown it by Your Spirit Father God and they will begin instantly to turn from their wickedness and towards the Power of Your Word. I bind any wicked thoughts that they may have been having and planning to execute, not thinking that anyone else knows it. I bind that spirit of opposition in Jesus name that causes people to do wrong when they should be doing right and calling it “good.” They should be living in righteousness. I bind the ‘diva’ spirit and the ‘water’ spirit and the spirit of python and Jezebel. In Jesus name.

You satan are not welcome in our lives. You have no power over us for we are the children of the Most High God and we are covered by the Blood of, your Creator…Jesus Christ. He is the Master of all, He is our Friend. You cannot take away our relationship with Him because we will not give it up.
satan you are underneath our feet. Thank you Jesus for allowing us to use your name and your Blood to gain victory over the enemy. I bind gossip, trials, tests, doubt, self-pity, unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred, guilt, two-facedness, deception, lying, manipulation, and witchcraft in Jesus mighty name. I bind all teleporting and astral projecting spirits that attempt to visit us in the privacy of our homes and during our sleep. In Jesus name, we have victory over your evil. In Jesus name, by His Blood and in being healed by His Wings on a daily basis, I claim this posting to be spiritual freedom to all who read it. I now loosen, quickly, all goodness sent to us from the Father of Lights, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Rapha, Yeshua, Ruach HaKodesh, Yod, God and Creator, and I bless Archangel Michael and all of our warring (Michael) guardian and messenger Angels (Gabriel) who help us. Father God, bless the readers entire households and loved ones in Jesus beautiful name, amen.

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