My personal testimony about Karatbars

My personal message to you about my Karatbars experience.
It’s been 5 years today (1/15/2020) in #Karatbars for me and I love it. This experience has given me a “take better care of your finances” lesson. Before it, I was just drifting in life, not recognizing the importance of saving for my future, myself, and leaving more for my family than a minute insurance policy.
I don’t have to depend on people to donate in order to live. I’d really be in trouble then. I don’t have to worry about people laughing at me when I post a “Go fund me” or “PayPal” post. When it’s for the ministry, it’s for the ministry. Trust me. Thank you to all of you who see me in your spirit and do donate to New Birth. You are a blessing to my vision of Planting Seeds for God’s Kingdom in any way that God allows me. And God will bless you for helping me to help Him. He needs our hands.🎙📖🎧

I don’t have to sell my soul for a bank loan. I just simply, and on my own clock….save in gold, $7.00 at a time, as many times as I want with my free savings account. I really wish that you reading this, would do the same and be free from the World’s System. When I am gone my children and grand child will want for nothing.
📖 Pro 13:22 A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.
There are so many meetings in Karatbars to teach you what you need to know to do this. If you miss one, there is another one that you can catch somewhere either online or in real time in a neighborhood near you. Learn at your own pace. We are everywhere in over 120 (? actually more) countries. We are moving so fast, I forgot the total number but I do know by now it is way over 120.
Wait until you see what you get when you sign up. It takes a while to learn your whole wonderful “Back Office” because it, for free, offers so much just for your signing up! Try it. If you don’t like it, you are allowed to shut it down:
My colleagues and I are working hard to help people around the world. When you sign someone up you are actually saving that household financially. This is why we do it. We just love helping people. No gimmicks, no lies. Jesus got gold when He was born so why wouldn’t He want us to have it? As above, so below. Stop depending on man’s Monopoly Money. It is very dirty and it burns. 🔥 When heat hits gold it only gets better. Gold outlasts ice, water, snow, rust and heat. You can bury it in a private place, store it in a storage area of your choice, put it in a freezer, or lock it up somewhere.
While some are judging me, the messenger, or recording all of the, (what they think is) wrong that I do, they are missing out on a huge blessing. Please don’t let your opinion of me stop your family and household from being blessed? If you don’t sign up with me sign up with someone else but sign up! If you don’t want to bless me…..bless somebody else!
Have a ‘blessed’ day. I know that I will.

🎙 🎧📖 ♥️
♥️💜❤️💚💛 📖🎙✞ (Blog)

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