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I had a channel on You Tube for about 13 years. I asked them a couple of years ago if they could show me a better way to separate my ministry material from my regular material. They mistakingly wrote me back, thinking that I wanted to report the channel and deleted the entire, nearly 3000+ videos that I had on there. I was appalled! I was not only doing my own ‘work’ but I was and had been doing videos for a few of my friends also such as The Canonsburg Singer, and my best friend, Bobby Shawn of Canonsburg, Pa. He is actually well known and what I like to call “under” or “next after” Perry Como and Bobby Vinton. He was my entertainment mentor for over 30 years. I became the lead singer of a Country Rock band named “Sundown” because of him and have been knowing him ever since. His wife and I hold conversations on the phone like long distance sisters. She’s a doll really. His whole family is wonderful and respectful people. Anywhoooo…..

But God is good. He told me once to save everything that I do. I didn’t ask any questions, so years before that I began to slowly download the majority of my You Tube videos and save them to C.D.’s I am sooooo glad that I did. The picture above is only a few of my videos that I have. One c.d. has approximately 10-20 videos on it. (Just an estimated ball park of how many I could have possibly had on You Tube.) I am now slowly uploading them to my own blog and Ministry page.

Tip:  Do NOTHING without saving your material.

Love ya,

Rev Essie Scott
Leaving some pics of my friend with Perry Como, football players, the former owner of the Meadows (Meadowlands Racetrack, Meadowlands, Pa.) Del Miller whom we used to entertain at parties for, etc. I met some really nice people through him like Mel Blount (football player), and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Because of him I am listed in Canonsburg, Pa’s BiCentennial Book. I am actually known as the 1st black female singer recognized publicly and placed in their history book. Hey! I’m going down in history. God has a way of using strange things to puzzle the wise. 🙂 I’m honored and happy.



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