When the world drives you crazy

I am sulking a bit right now thinking about one of my childhood friends. She has and is going through so much in her life. I don’t know how to feel right now. Her mother died a few years ago and her own family didn’t even pick her up to take her to her own mother’s funeral. Her son treats her horribly and talks down to her all of the time and makes her cook for his girlfriends family. Every holiday, she cooks something to take there for when he picks her up or he just picks the food up and leaves. And when she gets there, the girlfriends father tries to rap to her and talks nasty to her in front of his wife.

She’s been drinking heavily and taking prescription downers in the evening that makes her sound high on the phone. She used to just be a beer drinker once in a while but has graduated to hard liquor. Someone just called me and asked if she had a stroke. I arranged for her to be moved tomorrow, (Monday Dec 16th, 2019) and when the ones who were going to help her called her, she sounded horrible on the phone. They called and asked me if she had a stroke or something. She’s been living in low income housing for the past 30+ years and had absolutely nothing to do in her life.

I haven’t had a car since I sold my Gold Lincoln Continental in 2016 to go to an event in Atlanta, and that limits me from visiting her and taking her out once in a while. I can’t wait to get another car so that I can visit people, shop, go riding in the country with a sandwich and a diet drink, singing and talking to the Lord. I’ve even stopped my singing career because I haven’t been able to get out to do so. It’s been hard for me as well. If I wanted to spend $15 on groceries, I have to call an Uber for $21+ total to go shopping. I end up spending over $30 for milk, bread and eggs. Pray for me. I know God has a blessing for me and I can’t wait to get it.

For the past few years, I have been praying for her to be able to move to a better place and it finally came last week. She was so excited to hear the news. She has been accepted into a nice high rise that has church on Sundays, Christian events, movies, shopping runs, other Christian tennents, bingo and so forth. That will keep her busy and may bring her mind back to where she used to be before her mother passed. I pray so anyway. She needs someone to be with and laugh and talk to. I live in Pittsburgh, Pa. now, about 30 miles from her. I miss going to see her. I left the County she lives in nearly 3 years ago.

Am I rambling? Perhaps. I’m sorry. I just have it in my heart for all of my loved ones to do well. I posted about my friends need to move on my Facebook Prayer Group and by the Grace of God, I got another Preacher with a big heart to go help her, along with that preachers good friend and sons tomorrow. My friend has to be out of her old place Monday, (tomorrow.) My friend’s son said he couldn’t help her (his own mom,) move on the day that she was to move. It seems that he has a habit of not helping her but that’s my opinion. I’ve lost a lot of respect for her son throughout the years. This is one of those occasions where you have to leave one place before the rent is due in order to be able to move to another or you will owe 2 rent(s). She is afraid of her son so much that she actually asked my friends (the preachers) for money when they come tomorrow to move her, for free, so that she can pay for the moving truck that her son is allegedly going to get on Tuesday. He said he was only going to get her “big things.” He’s so mean to his mom, she actually tried to get the U-Haul money, off of my friends, who are moving her for free, to pay for his truck tomorrow. Um, you can’t pay for your mom to move from one end of town to another? And he and his girlfriend have good jobs making good money! I’d be honored to do so for mine if I had a parent, but I haven’t since I was 3 months old, I was adopted until my second mother died at my age of 8 and it was Cinderella-ville until I left the last lady at the age of 17 and went to college.

I do believe that my friend has experienced a nervous breakdown. Her mother was all that she had left in life who paid attention to her and talked to her. Her mom was beautiful. She always stayed made up, eyelashes, makeup and all. She reminded me of an older version of Janet Jackson. We laugh about it until this day.

Ok, I am done. Thanks for reading. And keep my friend in prayer that God blesses her so much that her son has to come back and repent of the way he treated her all of these years. She has a good, innocent heart and isn’t wicked or crooked like a lot of people these days. She was what we call, “raised well.” Her mom wouldn’t even allow her to come out and play when we were all kids. (Low income housing, I guess her mom was scared to let her out.) I remember that. We always wondered why but we had fun talking to her at her bedroom window and every now and then, her mom would allow me to come in and go upstairs and talk to her. We’d look at teen magazines to see which one was the finest, Donny Osmond or Michael Jackson.

Oh well, no matter what, I do believe that she will begin living a new Christian-surrounded life starting by tomorrow late afternoon and may the Lord give her peace.

Thanks once again, for reading. God bless you all,


12/19/19  She just called me and she is in her new place and happy. They were singing Christmas Carols when she was moving in last night. She is meeting beautiful people and her balcony overlooks a beautiful scene including deer. God is awesome. I am glad that she is feeling lighter, fresher, happier and free.

Thank you Father. Amen.

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