26 Dispositions of a real Prophet:

26 Dispositions of a real Prophet:

1. You hate sin, not people. People may accuse you of being mean.
2. You understand eternal consequence, preach repentance.
3. Aware of God’s Holiness.
4. Corruption in organized religion stirs you. (You are a trained

assassin against it.)
5. You question all traditions to see if Jesus would follow them. 

6. Not a follower and you often get in trouble with your mouth. 
7. Don’t boast in your calling, you walk in it instead.
8. Di
fficult to hold your peace about God.
9. You have no desire for this present World.
10. You skillfully handle the Word of God without being taught. 

11. You are a thinker and creator and very resourceful. A hustler per se’.
12. You have a ‘take charge’ disposition. You are always accused
of taking over.
13. You like music that extols God. Worship.
14. When you preach you always come to ‘living holy.’
15. Think about Jesus daily and His sacrifice stays with you 
16. Just don’t fit in anywhere. You are an Outcast.
17. Hurts you to see people being taking advantage of in the 
18. Accused of being judgmental and constantly misunderstood. 
19. Not a respecter of persons by any influence, money, etc.
20. You love writing and by focusing it just flows out of you.
21. Jesus Christ teachings and ministry is the center of your life. 

22. As you mature you sense the region that you are called to speak to. (Jonah).
23. Leaders do not like you and will not accept you. Constant rejection. Pastors & true prophets sometime don’t get along.
24. You can’t get away with anything.
25. You are very sensitive but most around you don’t have a 
26. You are always seeking ways to build others spiritually. Not afraid of quick change.
Originally by motivatingu2win.com

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