is back!

God is good!

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It’s been a long, hard battle but by the Grace of God, I finally got back after all of these years that I lost it by not reinstating it on time. Praise the Lord.
They just emailed me this morning, telling me that I won the auction over it. It takes a while, sometimes a day or two to kick in but I did restore it. Now I have for the ministry and for my blog and personal matters.
DO NOT ever let your links go if you can help it. The companies keep them and try to make you buy them back for thousands of dollars. I’ve been trying to win the auctions since around 2015. The company that I originally purchased it from wanted $3000+ to get it back. God caused them to miss it this time and I won the bid.
I repeat…..DO NOT be lackadaisical with your personal links when the companies write you to re-purchase or update them.
Is God good or what? Have a great day, I will. 

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