The Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill, Pgh Pa. (My thoughts)

Everyone is calling for unity, especially since the Tree of Life shooting yesterday in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa. That shooting has silenced me on so many levels. I pray through my tears. Hatred of religion/belief in God, is driving people mad. Don’t get mad at us because you choose not to believe. I even have people in my own family who hate me because I love Jesus. I will not stop loving the one who has more than proven that He loves me by sending His only Son down on to this wretched Earth to save me. God is the only Father who never left me or turned His back on me. 
It is easy to use words but until we teach people the difference between bad and good and holding them accountable to their responsibilities, attitudes, characters and actions, nothing will change. We timidly allowed the government to take God out of schools, all we did was talk about it. We allowed the government to make changes that God would never permit, and He even called some of them abominations. We watched as the government lowered the food standard in our country and lowered the amount of food that families could eat so that they can spend their Social Security checks on food as well, although our country is rich in wealth in more ways than what we can see. (Where is the gold in Fort Knox that no one has ever found? They took it from your grandmother and grandfather you know.) 
Even in history, governments and farmers allowed the poor to ‘glean’ fields until they were full. We have the elderly eating cat and dog food yet we beg for money on television to care for the animal instead of the human being. Does the animal come before the human? People die and leave fortunes to their animals and won’t donate a dime to human causes. I love animals but Jesus died for humans not animals. Take care of the humans and you would have enough to take care of the animals. Have we ignored priorities? 
There are mad people out there planning on how to eradicate races and religions. They don’t believe in God, they actually think that they ARE God. Big Pharma has so many people hypnotized that they don’t know right from wrong if it bit them. It’s all about the dirty dollar to them. They’ll give you anything to keep you mesmerized while they collect your cash. One woman went to the dentist for one tooth and left with hydrocodone and oxycontin. For one tooth? If she got hooked or went out to sell it, she’d be in jail. Then again, is that the process?
People are walking around dazed and confused, not knowing that they are slaves. If a race of people or their nationality or belief scares someone or causes them to become hateful, they are weak and close-minded. How can we follow someone from isle to isle who only wants to enjoy their shopping experience but we cannot report a maniac online outwardly being discriminate towards others, voicing their opinion and practically informing the world of their plans? 

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The shooter of the Synagogue in Pittsburgh was literally talking horribly about Jews way before the shooting happened. Oh, but then again….we all have our right to voice our opinions right? No matter how “out-of-the-box” they may be. This man had murder on his mind but no one said a peep. I forgot, I suppose he was only a source of online entertainment. This folks, is what we have become. Entertainment to those who want to dwindle humanity down and live better with more “room” to do it in. Beware of who you follow. Beware of what you do. People reject God’s Will but adhere to man’s will. How do you think that this is going to end? ~ Rev Essie


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