Did you ever want more?

With all of the internet games, social media, cell phones, and computers that are out now, I still feel a hole in my life somehow. I find myself wanting more. These huge companies want more and more money for inventions that are so repetitious that it’s annoying and they are shafting the consumer. How long can one stay in one chair or sofa, scrolling and scrolling up and down on Facebook before it becomes so redundant that you can’t stand it? I don’t know about anyone else but, I can’t stand it. It’s nice for my ministry and my Karatbars Business but beside that, nada. I am a single black woman with 2 adult children and I have yet to even meet my Billy D. I only meet aggravating men you claim to be single fathers ‘raising their little daughters’, (none have sons I guess,) and/or Africans wanting to marry me and move to the United States or they ask if I can ‘fund’ their schooling. East Indians always have orphanages that need ‘funded’ as well. Between African and East Indian orphanages, I can’t get a break. I give to a few charities, goodness, I even donate to my own! But I can’t fund grown men who claim to want to come to the U.S. or finish school! 

Something is happening on the internet. I discern it in my spirit that something is amiss. I believe that the internet is going t o change as we now know it and whatever is happening, it is going to blow a lot of minds. There is too much tracking and following and so-called ‘help’ in decision making as to what lotion or cell phone company that I ‘should’ use. You mention fishing on the phone with your relative or friend, you then go on Facebook or You Tube and there are a zillion ads for fishing all of a sudden. I made a video on my You Tube channel year ago that said that our phones are ‘listening’ to us. Now this. I also have noticed, at least I think that I notice that, every channel that you turn to if you are cable-less seems to start out with a commercial. I haven’t had cable in years and I don’t miss that junk. With my little box that I have for $19 at Rite Aid gets me 22 channels and that’s fine with me. I get 2-1 & 2-2 (KDKA,) 4-1 & 4-2 (WTAE-PGH), 11-1 11-2 & 11-3 (WPXI-PGH), 16-1 16-2 16-3 16-4 16-5 16-6 (? Nice stations though,) 22-1 22-3 22-3 22-4 (Nice as well,) 40-1 & 40-2 (PGH Pa. Christian Station), & 53-1 53-2 & 53-3 (various interesting stations, oldie shows and hard core man shows with fast cars and all.) That’s enough for me. 

If it wasn’t for the Lord I don’t know where I would be. I believe that I would be one lost and confused soul, looking for the ‘way out’. I think that this is what happens to those who take their own lives. They are bored and it makes them feel insecure and unimportant. They are looking for an escape hence the drugs and alcohol, then the sadness enters like an evil shadow and the depression takes over. They feel unacceptable with Jesus not realizing that He IS the way out. I thank God for … well …. God! He’s my only light and salvation. I will continue to do ministry online, singing, preaching, teaching and all AND my Gold Business in Karatbars International of which I am an Affiliate. Karatbars is the most awesome Business that I’ve ever seen. We offer the world a way out of poverty by trading their dying and worthless dollars for small, affordable increments of 999.9% 24k gold. And no, it’s not your grandmother’s jewelry. (See link below if you are interested.) 

All that I know is that:

1. Something wicked this way cometh on the internet,
2. There are many people crying out and attempting to reach out to no avail on the internet and
3. Jesus is their only answer.

Yes, I went there. I will announce our Saviour for as long as I live. He saved me so I share with others the ‘way out’. I Am the Minister of Souls and Finance and I like it that way. 🙂

God bless and thanks for listening/reading. May you be blessed in everything that you need blessings for. Health, wealth, abundance, prosperity, joy, happiness, love, peace and most of all Love!

Rev. Esther R. Scott, aka
Rev Essie


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