New news about Karatbars!!!!

Dear PaKarats! 

Karatbars is creating a new financial system! There are certain countries considering using us as well! If you haven’t uploaded your information (KYC) or purchased a package, you are missing out on the transfer of wealth that even experts are warning about. PLEASE! You are in the right place…..ahead of time my friend! Work your account so that it will begin working for you. We are not using “MLM Jargon” to attract you to our accounts! This is real. Don’t judge the Messenger take heed to the message. 

I didn’t ask you to sign up so that you can be a “number” on my account. As long as finances are needed by the human race, Karatbars Affiliates (you and I,) will NEVER run out of prospects. One man told me, “You need ME!” I calmly and nicely stated….”No sir. YOU need ME.” We both laughed but I think he caught the gist. 

I asked you to sign up so that you would be blessed and be a major part of this wealth transfer. Uploading your identification is simple. If you need help, ask me. Text 1-724-797-4283, call, email, or catch me on Facebook, etc. (Esther R. Scott, Gold Lady Enterprises LLC., and Pittsburgh Wealth Builders.)

When you have time, check out these videos from my You Tube page:

1.  ~  CEO Harald Seiz explains the new Karatbars Financial System taking place all over the world. 

2.  ~  CEO Harald Seiz explains “KaratPay” in our recent Atlanta, Ga. conference. 

3.  Karatbars 1st Affiliate from when it first started out, Mrs. Cherylanne Gober announcing the winners of our Talent Contest this past weekend in Atlanta, Ga. (Of which I received what I call….a VERY honorable mention.) Thank you to all of you who voted for me. 

Have a great and blessed day! ~ Essie, Gold Lady 

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