On Harmony


Thoughts on Harmony.
All that is, according to God’s plan, is perfect. Only when His light meets with “interference” does disharmony or discord result. 
Did you ever feel that you are always bombarded by some type of unnecessary interference? Have you noticed that everytime that you think that you are thinking properly, reading (especially The Word,) meditating, going off to a peaceful nap, or praying; some odd and unusual interference interrupts the process?
If a light beam or vibratory wave of any sort, traveling in a certain direction, is met by another beam traveling in another direction, it nullifes or reverses the original beam according to the strength of the interfering beam.
There are also other interferences that can cause disharmony in our lives such as worry, overindulgence of anything or anyone, laziness, bad habits, bad thoughts or bad expectancies. (Doom and gloom thinking.) Habits of thinking enter your character and affect the outcome of our living. That is why we must recite aloud “good” affirmations. It is imperative that we do. “I am handsome” “ I am beautiful” “God DOES love me” “I am not poor” “I AM the head and not the tail” “I CAN do this!” “My children WILL survive this” and so on. It is simple. As the Word says, you reap what you sew. If you plant apple seeds, you get an apple tree. You will not get oranges. Some are planting apple seeds LOOKING for oranges. How is that working out I wonder? (Focus). Know what you want out of life. You are allowed to know.
In ending, as you focus on what you want it will come to you because you become what you think that you are or want to be. Be careful of those who do not like you feeling “too good” about yourself. They can do it but you cannot. (Interference). “As a man thinketh so is he.” Who are you? Are you worth it? Take up for your peace, take up for yourself, fight the “good” fight of faith. The negative people will think that you are being mean when in all actuality, you are not. You are defending yourself against …. them. God wants us to be kind, not naive. Maintain your harmony and your harmony will bless your life. Shun interferences however you can. Let them know that they are not welcome or that you will no longer listen to their whispers of nothingness.
Have a harmonic day!
Peace. ~ Essie

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