Can Karatbars be private? YES!

Many are calling in reference to my Karatbars Business and I truly thank you. I am getting the same repeated question and would like to address it. 

The question is: “Will my personal business stay personal?” The answer is “YES!” 

All that we ask for is your name, address, email, phone and birthdate to open your new gold savings account. You can even message it to me/us below or email me at or call/text at 724-797-4283. No social security number, etc. You can even sign up for your free account and leave a beneficiary, “to your children’s children.” No strings attached, no “gotcha’s”. We do ask for 2 types of ID being one ID and one household bill called, “KYC’s (Know your customer)” because Karatbars wants to know who they are dealing with as well. 

Note: Some of those that you see who have joined have ALLOWED US to place them in our ‘Welcome Group’ where they can learn more and be mentored and/or appreciated. But! You don’t have to let anyone know that you are in it if that is your wish. I personally don’t know why not but we are here to serve you, not to *show off.*  You may see these same words/pictures on someone else’s page because we purposely copy one another’s posts to make business a little easier for ourselves. We just change the links, etc in order to distribute the information. We are not jealous of who signed up under who because we are all winners in Karatbars. “We NEVER run out of people”.

To all of you who are calling, DREAM BIG!

Rev Essie 

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