Fwd: New announcement: Same Sex Marriage Is Law

I just want to show you all what Christian ministries are starting as of today. It is about to get deep my friends. I was ordained in about 5 ministries throughout the years. 2 real time and 3 online. I just don’t brag about it because you really only need one right? Anyway, this is what UCFM is saying to us, from the leader. As the kids say, “It’s about to be ‘on and smacking!'”

Begin forwarded message:

From: Christian Public Message Center <admin@ucfm.net>
Subject: New announcement: Same Sex Marriage Is Law
Date: June 26, 2015 at 6:20:22 PM EDT

As most of you have heard, today is a great setback to moral standards here in the USA. Our Supreme Court side stepped the Constitution and granted the right for same sex couple to marry. You may wonder where that leaves you as a UCFM Ordained Minister. It leaves you exactly where you were before such and abomination to God took place today! As A Christian Minister, you are not required nor forced to do any weddings what so ever. And as a matter of fact any UCFM minister that performs a same sex marriage will be immediately excommunicated from UCFM for eternity, no if’s and’s or but’s. DO NOT LET ANY ONE INTIMIDATE YOU INTO LOSING YOUR UCFM  CREDENTIALS. Our code of conduct speciffically states that our ministers are to never perform a marriage contrary to the Bible, God’s Word.

Those of you that have wedding ministries and intend to do same sex marriages, it would be wise for you to seek another organization to supply your needs to perform marriages so that your business does not suffer.

My personal stance is that if at some point the government tries to force me to do a same sex marriage this ministry will move underground and continue spreading the Gospel. I am not going to sell my soul so that two people can continue living in sin being decieved that they are all right in the eyes of God.

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The Christian Public Message Center Team.

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