Assistance for you

I’ve come to the conclusion from personal matters that people always want you to take care of them in various ways, and give them things, but some REFUSE to help you to take care of your household. I had a lady that I thought that I was friends with for about 5+ years, talk very nasty to me because I was trying to offer her something for free. No payment due AT ALL….totally free. She turned me down as though I was offering her a free hit of crack. I made a video that I wanted her to watch and critique for me and she got it all wrong and said she watched it before and told me to ‘quit asking her’ which is not what I wanted to do in the first place. I thought that I could get an honest opinion out of her of what she thought about my take on a certain subject. 

What gets me is the fact that for years, I signed up with her on her whirlwind events and thoughts and ideas. I even drank some kind of shake that she had sent to my house. It could have been poison but I trusted and used it …. once. Afterwards, she tells me that I would have to pay $49 a month to be in the program. I refused. 

What about you? Have you ever had people treat you as though you were bothering their precious privacy and all you wanted to do was to bless them? 

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