Elixir of Life (excerpt)

Just as people go to a local gym and ride machines there, roll on the balls, walk, Jog, swim or curl, we should do it in the spiritual as well. Jog through the word, always walk with Je- sus, swim in the water of the word, rollover the potholes in your path, ride the waves of adversity knowing that Yahweh is on your side, curl those demons as you throw them behind your back and under your feet in Jesus name.
Let’s show God that we are in tune with him, strong only in His power, spiritually pumped, and ready to be loyal to Him or those that He sends in our paths. Walk the paths with the chosen and don’t beat them down, walk with them. What you are to beat down and bury is your Old Man (not your husband…the old YOU!) And during this journey, don’t just make an appearance, be the appearance!

(Excerpt from my newest book “Elixir of Life” on iTunes.com)

Rev. Esther R. Scott~ Daughter of the King

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