Psalm 92:11 time!
A wonderful comment on the video that I’d like to share:

AMEN! You had me about to do a dance in here when you started calling the names of our God! HALLELUJAH! Sis, there are some who will say that we shouldn’t pray the prayers of David or the Psalms. I pay those folks absolutely NO mind/attention. First of all David was a man after GODS/YAHS own heart. Second, I realize the person speaking has not lived long enough and/or have obviously not been through much of anything from the camp of the wicked. If they had I GUAR AN TEE you they would be singing a NEW “PSALM”! Third I realize that the person criticizing these prayers does not know that GOD is jealous for HIS people. They do not understand that HE is THE GOOD FATHER! HE is NOT gonna  sit idly by and let folks continuously ABUSE HIS children. Praying these prayers does NOT mean that David or any of the writers were LOVELESS as some would suggest. It rather shows the LOVE that God has for HIS people! It shows that HE cares about HIS people and HE cares about the affairs of our lives. We only need to do our part and remain in HIS righteousness and HE WILL AVENGE HIS OWN! Glory HALLELUJAH! I ALWAYS add the condition that if they TRULY REPENT AND FORSAKE their wicked ways that GOD will be MERCIFUL to them but UNTIL THEM may the LORD AVENGE HIS PEOPLE! Thank you Sis for sharing and may the LORD avenge you of everyone of your MERCILESS, SCOFFING, NEVER LET YOU REST, ALWAYS UP TO SOMETHING, TURNING FOLK AGAINST YA, EVIL WHISPERING, GOD HATING, LIE LOVING, TROUBLEMAKING, WICKED HEARTED AND ALWAYS ACCUSING ADVERSARY and from those who have made themselves the ENEMIES OF GOD! Sorry to spam you with this NOVEL Sis! I told you when you started calling the many names of the ONE TRUE GOD my soul got a HAPPY up in HERE!!!! GLORY BE TO GOD in the name of Jesus/YAHshua THe CHRIST! LOVE YA MUCH!!!!! 

Rev. Esther Scott/Min Lex Scott

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