If you are called to serve the Lord, FULFILL IT!

If God has called you to do a thing, do it. Don’t worry about mistakes, He knows how to correct them. You don’t need men to certify your work. Most of the time, they won’t do it anyway. Even Jesus could not do many works in His own hometown because of unbelief. (Matthew 13:58) How much more would that happen to you? 
It is better to be in God’s courts no matter what the rank than to jump through hoops to please men. If they get upset with you, they will tell their friends, and their friends will tell their friends, and they will all reject you anyway. God doesn’t operate like that. God is love and He is very forgiving. Someone out there feels as though they are ‘marked’ for failure. The devil is a liar, you are not negatively ‘marked’ like Cain. You are the Kings Kid! Walk ye therefore in it. 


Shalom Aleichem



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