Correction from an unusual source.

Yesterday I had a time on Facebook. Three people (Christians) argued with me about celebrating Halloween! I was taken back by it all! How could they? Why? When? What????
They were really trying to make me feel bad as though I was bullying people online about how I felt, on my OWN Facebook page, about Halloween. 
Today, something Heavenly happened. See it for yourself below. 
Edward Kemei I just heard about halloween 1month ago when funny makeups were impounded in our kenyan ports for clearance imported from China. Christians should ask themselves what celebration do people put on a devilish makeups! Bible says in all we do let us do it for the glory of God, now does it give God any glory creating fear by putting on horrific makeups?? My fellow Christians should totally shun this devilish celebration.
Notice the likes. 4 people liked it. The reason why I had to write this is because I am shocked that a Brother in Christ…..from Africa……had to correct American Christians about Halloween!!!! Does that make sense? We ought to be ashamed of ourselves celebrating Halloween. I remember years ago, the homes that did celebrate it did it on the downlow. Now a day, they do it in church!!!! What’s up with that? After I read Edwards post, I cried. God is so good. He sends angels in to help us. Edward Kemei made my day. God bless him. I am beside myself. God had to send a man from another country to correct American Christians about a devilish celebration. Pardon me for being so blunt but just how dumb can we be? If we can’t get it together what chance does the World have?

1 Peter 4:16-19

16  Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf.

17  For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

18  And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?

19  Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator.

God is good,
Shalom Aleichem



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