Racism, the decrepit battle.

I’ve been contemplating lately on something that needs to be addressed to the entire human race since it seems that we have gone so far that we are nearing or nearly passing Sodom and Gomorrah. 
There has been throughout the years such a huge battle with race that even Moses’s sister Miriam mocked him because of his black wife. Many of us have been caught up for years in this battle not realizing that one bad black or white person doesn’t make the entire race bad. In Numbers 25:6-8 a Midianitish woman was brought into the camp and Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest saw it and speared the Midianitish woman and the man who brought her in, and the plague that had been bothering Israel was ended. We don’t do things like that anymore because Jesus is the Mediator. We don’t curse other races and throw daggers of any type through them because they are ‘different’. Jesus changed all of that through His wonderful Grace. Only through Him will we stop any plague. 
The new battle now is spiritual not racial. True success depends on whether or not the other person believes in Jesus the Christ, the Son of God. My children can marry a purple mate and have red and white stripped children as long as the mate believes in Jesus. We will celebrate our differences and eat, drink and be merry. 
It’s all about Jesus. No legalism, no ceremonialism nor ritualism….just Jesus. We are not to contribute to any of legalisms foolish antics either. Legalism is not your friend. Grace is. If you contribute to the buffooneries of legalism, you are not a friend of God, you are a family-wrecker, breaking up and tripping up the family of God. Colossians 3:25….point made. Spiritually speaking, you cannot trust a disturbed mindset. Trust Jesus. The devil wants you to hate anyone who is not like you. he sets needless fear into the minds of men. That is why we do not trust one another and rage war against one another. 
While we are warring against the outside portion of man, satan is warring against the inside of man….the Spirit. How is yours today?
Remember: It is NOT a racial battle, that is superficial, the battle goes so much deeper.
Just my thoughts for today, Essie.




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