What are the signs of a false prophet?

What is a sign of a false prophet?

Posted on March 29, 2011 by Rev. Esther R. Scott

Craftily-appointed permanent positions.

In todays times we are beginning to see things happen in the church that just should not be. I am an advocate of “old-fashioned churches” where the pastor has a little age to him or her and they know the bible and act upon God’s Word and not their own endeavors. We now have pastors who want bigger this and want bigger that, and are barely handling what God has already given them. Materialism runs ramped in God’s house now. They put signs on the outside of the church that practically says, “We want your money!!!” If I am recalling the Word correctly, didn’t Jesus turn the tables in the temple and tell the sellers that they had made the house of prayer a house of thieves? Did I read it right? What part do these new preachers not get?

Drinking beer, liquor, games of chance, porn of any kind whether it’s couples class or not, homosexuality (that’s the Word so don’t flog me for it), child abuse, drugs, or money drives. These things should not be. Jesus never begged anyone for money. Where is the faith today? Where is the faith of the preachers who are supposedly doing God’s Work? Is His provision become so blasé to them and so slow that they have to take it upon themselves to go out and get their own provision? Then we wonder why we are not seeing signs and wonders now a day. If the leaders don’t believe, the followers will have a hard time doing it too. Do I really need a Jag in order to be a Pastor? Jesus rode a donkey! He could have ridden a better breed of animal but He chose a Chevette over a Lincoln.

So what is a sign of a false prophet? It is when you see someone handing out positions like candy canes on Christmas yet the church lacks signs, wonders and miracles. The bible tells us that after Jesus ordained His men/women, signs, wonders and miracles followed. A friend of mine told me that her church has so many leaders in it now that there is hardly anyone in the pews. That’s a shame. Her church is small and it is very noticeable. A false prophet has learned how to make a profit (monetary type,) off of the handing out of positions. He gets those from the church who have good jobs and can tithe and donate to him whenever he needs or wants it. He knows nearly every penny that they make, when they make it

and how they spend it. A false prophet takes money from households that do not have food in their cupboards or water on in their homes. He rides in style and brings no one to church because they stink or their kids may put crumbs on his floor.

What about the churches that have a million ministers who won’t pick someone up for a church service to save their souls? And then there’s the church who has a million ministers in it but someone from outside the church has to take it’s members shopping and bill-paying every payday for a sandwich and a soda as payment. Where are the million ministers at?

There are people in position in churches now a days who can barely read the bible or pray. One man got a position because his wife had one. No one could understand him when he talked in the pulpit during praise and worship time. He was too shy to do the job. The pastor talked to him, some of the ministers talked to him yet still he just could not step up to bat and do what God tells us to do with a “holy boldness.” Yes, he is still considered a ‘minister.’ (He makes good money.)

What is happening here is the fact that the false prophet found a way to make his position in the church permanent. If he gives everybody positions, they will put him on a pedestal instead of Jesus and they will love him so much that no one can say a word about him to them. It becomes cult-like behavior. Who wants to get rid of a man or woman who is giving out positions in the church to people who still haven’t gotten delivered of the simple things in life yet? Who will get rid of someone who will give you a position at the drop of a dime?

The bible tells us not to fret when we see these kinds of things happening. To you, it may seem like it goes on forever but it is only a blink of an eye to God. Every dog has his day. Jesus called people dogs in Matt 15:26 and Mark 7:27 therefore I do too.

False prophets. Hell is going to be full of them. If you think that you are one, repent publicly and show your heart change. God will reward you. The wheat can tell the tare through the Spirit of God.

Rev Esther R. Scott 28March11




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