God is serious about us learning to speak in tongues.


GM FBF&F, this morning when I got up from a very restful night, I took out my devotional and was reading them. One spoke of the intimacy the Lord wants to have with us. And how we prioritize my life choices. They should first focus on Him. I read on how we should love one another the way God loves on us. After that, I began to pray and thank God for this new day. And then, it dawn on me Esther R. Scott, how you said to pray in the “spirit”, otherwise the adversary knows your business. So, this morning, I tried it and all of the prayers for family, friends and enemies was offered up in the spiritual tongue. If you do not speak in “tongues”, use your mind to pray without calling out requests audibly, think on your situation and then just tell God about it. This is my morning time of love and sharing with you. “Have an awesome Sunday” God is at work in our lives….God Bless…. My love to all….




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