My Sunday Blessing

Good Morning! 
I am praying that you are blessed today and that your mind and heart is stayed on Jesus. All you have to do is open your mouth and ask Him in. He will provide all of your needs. Learning to trust may seem hard but it is very doable. Trusting in the One that cannot be seen beats attempting to trust in those who you can see, but a thousand miles. Give it a shot. You’ll see. 
My daughter and I recently went to visit my new grandson. He and his parents live approximately 40 miles away. We were 3/4ths of the way there and her car, the Neon stopped. We had to push it on the side of the road. This wasn’t an easy task. Two men stopped and tried to help but couldn’t. They were very nice. A few minutes later, two more men stopped and looked under the hood and one pulled out her alternator belt. It had broken. He handed it to her in two pieces. He was going to put it on for us if we had the money to buy another but we didn’t have anything on us. We were thinking that it was going to be a sweet, quick, and complete trip. I call these 4 men, angels. 
She said, “What do we do now mom?” This was her first time experiencing this but surely not mine. I said, “We get out and walk.” She said, “Along 51? Do you know how long this road is?”  I said, “God will take care of it all.”  We got out of the car, locked it up, she took off her high heels and put on some red tennis shoes that I happened to get out of my trunk when we left and put in her trunk, and we began to walk along that long, weedy side of Route 51 in Pittsburgh, Pa. We passed all types of road-side smells from dead animals. Our legs got scratched and she cut her foot and ankle. We had to find secret places to relieve ourselves since cars were everywhere on both sides. After all, it is human to do so.  She was crying walking in front of me because she kept looking back at me and the draining of life in my face scared her. I didn’t know that she was crying until later. 
I hadn’t walked that much since my Marine Corps days many years and pounds ago (Semper Fi). I was carrying my purse and the baby bag with my grandson’s gifts in it. She carried the bag with my bible, camera and tripod in it. We make videos when we find beautiful places and we put them on You Tube. After about an hour, my face was completely drained but I was doing it! It’s seemed as though my body remembered hiking in Parris Island, South Carolina or something! As old people say, “I got my second wind.”  As she turned around once I was breathing hard and slowly said, “Hey, don’t let the… looks…. on my face…. fool you…. I’ll be….okay babe.”  She turned back around and continued to lead. As we got to the top of that mile (?) long hill, we hit a plateau and it was all downhill from there. Well, for a few more miles anyway before the road flattened out. We ended up clowning and actually having fun. We talked and laughed about things. We praised the Lord and sang. Yes, folks, it was really strange but it somehow reminds me of Paul and Silas in jail, praising God with shackles on. (Gotta read the bible for that good story. It turns out awesome.) This whole thing was meant to be a horrible experience. But God!
A black man named Chris pulled over to give us a ride. He was handsome and had a nice car. He said, “You need a ride?” We said, “Yes” and got in. I apologized for our sweating and he said, “No problem! Please! That’s the least of my worries.” We got in. Lex and I texted back and forth to Edisa about how cute he was. Now here we are needing a ride talking about how cute he was. Girls, geez. Even this Old Bird ain’t dead right? Lol. It was all in fun. He kept a very nice conversation telling us how he passed us up on the other side going home and….get this….decided to turn around to pick us up. (Ain’t God good?) Anywhoooo…..
That man drove us about 10 miles on 51 to my sons door! 51 is a long and windy road. It goes through approximately 3 towns/boroughs to get to my sons house. Altogether it is about a 20 mile road. Chris didn’t ask for a dime. We thanked him, blessed him, and got out of the car. God is good because we sweated “clean” for some reason. Lol. Because usually, on a hot day, I would have stunk that man right out of that car with all that we had gone through! 🙂  It was supposed to be rainy and about 77 but for some strange reason it was clear as a bell and about 89. I told my daughter that I felt like we were in “Hunger Games.” 
Get this. We stayed with my grand baby’s and his mom’s house for about an hour or so, smiling and playing with him and talking to his mommy and taking pictures. He put his feet on my right breast as he laid on the couch and went to sleep like an angel. I was like…”For real though?” Lol. It was cute. He knows when Grammie and Auntie Lex is there. Check this out. (Hope my pics come out right because I am not professional writer):
By the way, here’s his Aunt Lex:
Here’s his mom and dad: 
 They graduated from college together. Cool huh?
 Ja’red is on the right in green. He promotes for the guy on the left, Yung Bru in Pittsburgh, Pa. Yung Bru is pretty good from what people are saying. He opens for big acts.
Ja’ wishing he owned my Lincoln. (Hehe)…
Then came more blessings of great proportions!
Edisa calls her brother, another fine specimen of the Bosnian influence. They are a very nice-looking family. They seem to be nice-looking and built the way that I’ve dreamed to be all of my life. If I only had 1/4th of their build I’d be a happy camper. I suppose Bosnia is not full of McDonald’s and Burger Kings, etc. Lex and I loved listening to them talk. My son was at work with his Client. After Edisa got off of the phone she says, “I don’t know if he’s gonna bring the truck or the Hummer.” I was like, “Whaaaat?” I was hoping the brotha would bring the Hummer. Haven’t seen one of those in a minute too. He shows up with his wife and she’s a babydoll as well. I think they just got married recently. She stayed with the baby while Edisa, her brother, Lex and I drove to the car. His truck was huge. I felt like a kid. I’ve never been in a new, huge, good-smelling truck before. Twas lovely. It was a Tundra. Sorry to Steve Harvey because he advertises F-150’s but this Tundra had it going on. This man drove to Advance Auto Parts, bought the Jumper Cables, Tools AND alternator belt!!!!!  He asked for NO money and got in the truck, drove to the car, crawled in the mud, using HIS floor mats to lay on, and changes the alternator belt!  
Folks, tears are streaming down my face right now about how Good God is. I NEVER had anyone do anything like this before for my little family. We’ve had blessings from others but never like this. And he was so friendly and pleasant. All this HAD to be God. Did you read it right? The man BOUGHT the jumper cables, alternator belt and spanking brand new tools to put it on with! Good Lord.  After all that he did for us, the belt was not the only problem, the solenoid in the alternator would not hold a charge so guess what? The man rode us 40 miles home. Wow. We took them the easier way home on the Turnpike and we paid for the toll-booths for them which was the most that we could to at that time. He didn’t care! We had a pleasant ride back home and I saw things in the woods sitting high in that truck that I never knew was there driving in the Lincoln. High is good but I love the Lincoln. 🙂  It’s my baby. 
He dropped us off and I got in my car and led them back to the Toll-Road and they waved and Edisa said, “Love you!” We returned the Love back and they left. 
Have you ever had such a gift dropped right into your lap? God dropped that bomb on us and blew us away. He is more than what you need. Always. You just have to trust and believe. The next day, we borrowed some Jumper Cables from a neighbor and drove back in my car to her car and by a total of three jumps, drove her car back home to it’s original parking space by her apartment. No one can tell me that God is not good. God is good all the time and all the time God is good!
Enjoy your day and Believe. Have fun believing. You don’t have to use “hither” “thither” “thus” and “thou” to believe, just……Believe.
Love ya,
Rev Esther R. Scott
“Rev Essie”

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