Good Wednesday Morning! 27Mar13


I am praying for us all asking God to have His way in our lives, to chastise us when we need chastised, to teach us when we need taught and to continue to fight our battles for us which we cannot do ourselves. 

During this time of Passover, may you stop and take time to listen to His still, small voice to hear that which the Lord speaketh to your heart. This is a very important time of the year for believers. If we do not make it “The Norm” our lives will not be “the norm” and God will add and multiply graciously. 
Remember to keep the humble and hurting in prayer. Pray for the children. What example do they have today? If it weren’t for Jesus, they would not have much. Pray for the sick and shut in, the orphan and the widow. Remember those who are incarcerated whether physical, mental or emotional. They live in a daily hell that not only destroys their spirit but the spirits of those who love them.
Father God, forgive us of our shortcomings. Thank you for being our God, the One that we can talk to at any time of the day or night. Thank you Jesus for fighting our battles for us. Through your Blood and Name we always get Victory. We pray for the Peace of Israel and those grafted in Lord. We pray for our leaders around the world that they seek your guidance in all situations. May those who have given their hearts to evil see that they are missing the mark and turn to the Lord that can help them rule nations, governments and countries. In Jesus name, we bind whatever is not of you Lord. Amen.
Have a very blessed day,
Rev Essie


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