Fwd: Prayer Request for FGAI Prayer Warrior Team 3/26/13


Please pray for the following requests.  Rev Essie

Grace and Peace to all…

We have some prayer request….
Susan….. the fellow she was dating…. passed away suddenly… please pray for her… she is a sister in Christ…
Ann…. a sister  in Christ… problem with her ear… pray for healing..

Rev. June Matuszak..

Has a prayer request for Debbie.. a sister in the Lord.. her husband has divorced her, leaving her with bills to pay, 

Pray that the Lord will provide for her needs, financially, spiritually and mentally.  Also that her landlord.. would allow

her to keep a pet dog… it would help her during this time..

May you all have a blessed Resurrection Sunday…. 


– In His Service,
Pastor Eleanor Del Balso
FGA Prayer Warrior Team Coordinator


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