Real Steel (The movie)

Real Steel with Hugh Jackman

Real Steel with Hugh Jackman was awesome! There’s nothing like a good robot fight. Why do they lie about all the good movies by saying that they are not so good? It was stated on television lately that Avengers wasn’t very good as well but that’s not what I saw or heard. People all over the internet were laughing and talking about Avengers.  I am beginning to think that action movies are not really welcomed in America anymore. Well, at least, that’s what the “new” movie industry wants us to think. Or should I say, “the new movie critics?” Whatever happened to good manly  action movies? Everyone doesn’t want soft and fluffy movies. Actually the industry needs to go back to theIndiana Jones and Terminator movies before all of America becomes Androgynous. That’s my opinion anyway. That way our children and sometimes us, can keep our vision or imaginations somewhat child-like. We won’t lose our childlikeness. Adults took adulthood too serious. God says that we will not be able to get into His Kingdom unless we remain as a child.

 Sometimes I feel as though we are trying to create a new race. It’s as though we are telling God that we no longer want His creations, His thoughts or His gifts. Wheat has become bleached flour. Rice is bleached white. Sugar, which I heard was brown in all actuality, you guessed it…..bleached. We are cutting down big beautiful trees and our houses and land are bleaching in the hot sun. The Word tells us to not forget the Ancient Paths. We are cutting down and changing historical places and things to the point that certain buildings and areas are almost unrecognizable.

Why do we always have to change things to go our way? Isn’t that pride? The Word of God says that God resists the proud. Could that be why so many of us are having problems? Just when we thought that we were having a stroke of bad luck, we find that it’s not bad luck at all. God is resisting us and lovingly letting us know that He is God and will have no other gods before Him.

If you have any children in your family that love action movies, take them to go see Real Steel or rent it perhaps since it is a little old now.  Sorry about that. I get to some movies so late but at least I get to them….sooner or later.

Keep your imaginations!


Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones (Photo credit: creative location)

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