Hair restoration styles for African American women

As I age I’ve noticed that my hair is getting thinner on the top but still remains thick on the sides and the back. Being an African American woman with extremely thick hair, it is very noticeable that the top is nearly bald and it is very hard to remedy the situation. But!  I found a wonderful solution….Softee Clean and Clear Protein Styling Gel and Avon Advanced Techniques Color Protection Grey Root Touch-Up. What an awesome cover-up and repair for my battered, burned, dry, frizzy, and stubborn-grey hair! The two products have also made my hair softer and easier to handle and I have been getting compliments as well.

Just get a finger full of the Softee Gel and place it on your hair one small piece at a time, approximately 1 square inch or so. After placing the Softee Gel on it, either do a one-strand twist or a two-strand twist. Do the same for your entire hair coverage. While it is parted in these small twists, go over your greying roots with the Avon Advance Techniques Color Protection Grey Root Touch-Up wand. After blow-drying or allowing your hair to naturally dry, take the twists out and loosen them to your liking. Get small handfulls of the Softee Gel and apply it to your loosened twists and style!

It is absolutely beautiful how these two products together give you and beautiful hair style and cover the greys at the same time.

Try it and leave a comment later!



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