Relaxation or Diversion?

A man who was filled with the complications of life decided to go to a spa to get some relaxation. He went to the Jacuzzi room. There was a huge, clean, beautiful Jacuzzi there. He decided to get in it and he sat for about 5 minutes. It felt wonderful. His mind had a chance to enjoy the bubbly waters around his body and he was finally relaxing. He did 5 minutes of it and began to get out of it. The attendant said, “Sir, why are you leaving so early? Is everything alright?” The man answered, “It was very nice but I’ve had enough.” The attendant replied, “Well the program calls for a full 20 minutes.” The man shrugged his shoulders and got back in. But there was a problem, he couldn’t get back to that Heavenly feeling that he had begun to feel the first 5 minutes. Now that his conscious was aware of what was ‘required’ or what was happening, he lost his bliss and it became a task instead of relaxation. This made the man think about why he was aggravated to spend 15 more minutes ‘with himself’. 
In life, we experience the same on a daily basis. The above story makes one wonder, “Am I experiencing relaxation here, with immediate intimate company with myself or is what I am doing only a diversion?” Some people knit, model, clean, cook, read, hunt, fish, as a form of relaxation but, are they really relaxing or just creating a diversion as not to be alone with themselves where they can be shut in with the God in them, the God of the Universe?
What are your thoughts?
Rev. Essie
New Birth Ministries

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Jacuzzi running! Cleaning the jets out.

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