The Generals are tired.

The Generals are tired.

Posted on May 4, 2019 at 8:05 PM

The Generals are tired.
We hear the voices of the birds singing and they sound beautiful Lord but sometimes we are too tired to enjoy them. The body of Christ is so tired. Sometimes I feel like a soldier in The army. Our men are tired they need rest food and sleep good clothes, new tents.
The body of Christ Lord is tired we need you Jesus to come back soon. Sometimes I feel like a soldier in the army reporting to the general. The men are tired Lord. We need some positivity as well. New clothes new boots. New tents, new swords. New chariots. Rations. Jesus come back soon. You said you would not give us more than we can handle it’s beginning to feel like we are at the end already. As soon as we have a place to clear head we have to move again. When we thought that we had our families together our family breaks apart. Something drastic always seems to happen. Don’t let us lose our joy when we should be celebrating more. Some are mourning. Even with the weather it’s either too cold or too hot. There’s no even balance. The times and seasons are changing oddly. They are not normal anymore Lord. You said this was going to happen. The body of Christ is tired Lord. We need your divine intervention. We need Your Divine Provision. The World is hitting us in our pockets in attempts to stop us from doing the work of the Kingdom. We don’t want any provision from the world. Our Provision comes from you. Even our privacy to talk to you is tainted. Everything nowadays is recorded Lord even when we may not want it to be recorded. The children are not safe anymore. Women are having children and allowing strangers to have their way with the children and sometimes they offer the children to them. While men are lying with men other men are abusing those men’s babies. Women dress like whores and look like whores, and carry themselves like whores, even in the church. Which means that they are a distraction to the distribution of the Word. Jesus your Generals are sometimes, tired.
One by one they are dying and the new ones are too modernized. They will not carry-on with the orders that they have received. Your Word says that young men we’ll prophesy and old men will dream dreams. The old men don’t seem to be dreaming anymore instead they’re discarded and disregarded seeming to be forgotten. The young men are not carrying out the orders as they should. They are too New Age. They are disobedient. The old women are trying to be young, acting fussy like school girls, and the children are no longer getting wisdom, knowledge and guidance. Oh God we are tired. Help us. Some ministers show their pearly whites, and everybody thinks they’re happy. Then you see them on the news, where they shot themselves in the pulpit or in the privacy of their homes where no one can see how they really feel. Many are taking their emotions secretly out on one another. These things should not be.
We do see more healings. Children being healed of cancer, that is good news. Lord thank you. We just need more energy more of You to fight this battle of the flesh. The flesh tries too hard to take over and our spirits suffer. You say try the spirit by the spirit. There’s so much Deception going on sometimes that even that is hard to do.
Houses look so peaceful during the day like an old 1940s movie. And nights are so loud and boisterous until the wee hours of morning and it is so hard to get proper rest that is needed. The evil ones come out at night. They hide during the day and they put on a good front but as you lay in your bed at night, there is no respect for anyone, their voices echo all up and down the neighborhoods. There is no regard to children sleeping or old people trying to get rest. They are either drunk or high under the influence of something evil or argumentative while screaming. Father forgive us. Strengthen us. I ask for your power Lord God in Jesus name Holy Spirit dwell in me. Continue to give us strength, your word, your thoughts, your habits and continue to teach us. Make us alive once again. Restore in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us. Create in us a clean heart. Fill us with that surety that we need. Continue to help us to fight this battle and as the apostle Paul once said ‘we’ve fought the good fight and finished our course.’ 
Lord God, once again, send chariots and armor and swords and Military rations. Cause us to remember that we have Victory in all things hallelujah.
Although we are in the middle of a battle. One thing that I do know according to your Word, Lord, we already won. Amen

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The Acorn

Did you ever have an odd incident happen to you and you just knew that it was from the Lord? This happened to me today. There is a Giant Tree by my house, an unusual tree. It just looks strong and beautiful. I love trees but I am not what they call a “Tree Expert” by any means. I kept wondering what type of tree it was but not to the extent of researching it as I do most things.
Today, as I got out of my car to go into my house, I saw this cute little acorn behind my right tire. Good thing that I didn’t crush it pulling in right? It was just so unusual for it to be in the place where it was. I started to walk away but something attracted me back to it. I picked it up and looked at it and brought it into the house.
I feel in my spirit that God was sending a message somehow. As I sat in my kitchen taking these pictures, (flash on and flash off), I heard the voice of God whisper to me. I couldn’t make out the words but I knew it was Him, speaking or ‘humming’ love notes to my heart. Sometimes I believe that He just sends us love messages just to let us know that He is near. I am almost in tears right now. God is sooo good.
I Googled up what Acorns allegedly represent and I got the following:
1. Acorns are considered to be a lucky (blessed to us) symbol, representing prosperity, youthfulness, power and spiritual growth. They are good to have around.
2. The acorn is the seed of the mighty oak tree; therefore, it symbolizes potential and strength, honour and longevity:
“The strongest oak of the forest is not the one that is protected from the storm and hidden from the sun. It’s the one that stands in the open where it is compelled to struggle for existence against the winds and rains and the scorching sun.” Napoleon Hill
The acorn as a heraldic symbol may indicate independence to its bearer.
Oak leaves also represent strength, stability or nobility.
When oak leaves and acorns are combined, the entire symbol can stand for power, authority or victory. For that reason, it is also commonly used on military tombs.
⇢ It is believed that the cross in which Jesus has been crucified was made of oak tree (although other kind of woods are also mentioned, such as wood from the cypress tree). It was a common practice to place children’s graves near oak trees. ✞ ✞ ✞
I believe in my heart of hearts that there is someone out there reading this with me who needed to get this message today. You’ve been wondering when your time will come, why so many struggles and why so much opposition….that is because your “seed” wasn’t ready yet. It was growing the entire time but little did your enemies know that your “seed” was/is unstoppable. Your seed is breaking through the ground and reaching towards the Sun/Son. You are covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ and nothing can penetrate that Covering. Things may “bounce off of” it but they cannot and will not penetrate The Blood. Rise up in the name of Jesus and walk your walk and talk your talk in Christ with all courage. God wants you to fear no more. The birds have been waiting to rest in your limbs. The raindrops have been waiting to quench your thirst. The storms have been waiting to “try” your foundation and leaves only to lose to your strength and power. It’s time to rise up and be a covering for others who may not be as strong as you are. Take your place, be who God has called you to be. No more hiding, no more shedding of your temporary covering. Let go and let God.
God bless you in all of your endeavors for the Kingdom.
Rev. Esther R. Scott

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