Dream 1/29/21

I dreamed that I was given a huge, old house that was already fully furnished. It was dark a bit as though the electric had been cut off but it had to be daytime outside because we could still see. The inside was full of bedrooms that seemed never ending. As I was attempting to check it all out, people just kept coming asking if they could stay there with me. A young man had asked and another young lady did. I said yes to them and he began to teach her about what he did in life or the Word perhaps? I don’t know. She sat comfortably and listened as he talked. Another lady came with children and asked if she could live with me. I thought about how many times I would have to say yes or begin to refuse people. I said yes to them as well. The kids liked me and I played with them. We were happy and excited that we had found a retreat/respite.

This is a part of my life-time vision, to have a place where people can come to and praise the Lord, eat, drink, be merry and have church together. This is what I posted on Facebook a week ago I believe:

My vision for the future.https://revessie.com/2021/01/24/my-vision-for-the-future/

Dream 10/11/20

I had a dream last night that included a few topics but this one stayed with me and I cannot forget it. I dreamed that my daughter, someone else (usually an angel) was standing on a freshly cleared out cliff. I believe that Angels visit me in my dreams and take me places because I am always in a place that is usually, in real time, hard to get to or from.

Someone had cleared out that area that was about the size of a football field. It looked like tractors had been there, the dirt was freshly plowed and dug. I could still see beautiful trees around us as we stood there. I wanted to go over to the right side of us standing there so I kneeled down and crawled in front of my daughter to the right side. I had been on the left. As I crawled I could feel that it was very dangerous for me to be doing that because I was partially on the ground and partially almost going over the cliff, but I did it nonetheless and made it. The place where we were at was very high and I could see a city or cities under where we were standing. Something told me to just “let go” but I just couldn’t. I didn’t feel that it was my time to let go at all. I wanted to enjoy the moment. Well, I made it to the right side and I woke up or my dream changed.

I told my daughter this dream and I could feel God using her as confirmation when she said, “You’re going to a new level mom.” I believe that the kneeling was a sign for me to stay humble. And yes, Lord, I receive all blessings that you have for me. “Here I am Lord” as the Great Samuel once said. God is using Alexi, I hear it when she gives confirmation of some of my dreams. Pray for your family, they just may be your Joshua as he was to Moses.

For years now, I have been praying for a personal, private place to live where I can do my ministry the way that God wants me to do it without someone being around to block my freedom to serve God. No windows, no noisy children, no drug abusers, no alcoholics yelling and fighting at 3 a.m. after the bars close, no one to tell me that it’s time to cut the grass, no one sifting through my garbage, no one with high drug traffic, screaming loudly and arguing all day about “missing each other’s veins while shooting up” and the cops do nothing because they are losing faith in the system anyway or the people are already CI’s, (Confident Informers) so you just have to put up with it. The best thing that I can do is to pray for them and offer Jesus to them when I get the chance to do so. I just want God’s Peace. It’s my dream to have a place where people can come, worship God, dance in the spirit, eat around the firepit or fireplace, sleep, praise and worship the Lord and be free. I am getting tired but I am not dead yet. I am going to get it soon. It’s in my soul.

I can do what God says that I can do, I will be what God says that I can be. My life WILL represent God and bless others. I’m getting older yes, but I’m not old yet. Praise God. I WILL see my freedom.

revessie ~ Today sermon if you’d like to listen. ~ https://www.blogtalkradio.com/revessie/2020/10/11/psalm-1-blessed-is-the-man-that