The catfish and the trout. (This White House debacle.)

Dear fellow Christians.

The Catfish and the Trout:

As I sit here watching TV and not being able to watch what I want to watch nor being able to watch what makes me joyful and happy, I think about how this country has slidden in so far down in sin, that we can’t tell right from wrong anymore. I came to tell you this today, please pray for our country and our leadership. As a Christian, the last thing that you don’t want to do Is to take up on someone’s side that may turn against you one day. That’s for every party above us in the form of government. And you certainly do not want it to separate you from one another. The devil has already done a great job on doing that, should I use the term “great” for him.

Only God knows the true and the just. We cannot judge rightly if we are serving God wrongly. If it wasn’t for God’s grace where would we be? We have to have faith and then all of this will turn out great for our country, and we can stand up in unison in the name of Jesus once again teaching our future generations about him.
Watching the two parties arguing back and forth with one another reminds me of the story of the cat fish and the trout. A mariner was sending a truck full of trout to a certain store, adding with them a wild cat fish. This cat fish continued to badger the trout. When the truck arrived at the store, the owner of the store expected for some of them to be dead so that he could maybe get a refund or a cheaper price, but they were all alive and he asked the mariner why. The mariner explained that the catfish chased the trout during the whole transfer and kept them alert which kept them alive.This is how I feel about our house of representatives, The Senate, and everyone above us in government.
This is why we cannot dog one party In favor of another because all men have sinned and come short of the glory of God. One side, the catfish, makes sure that the other side, which would be the trout, stays alert and alive.
So let’s leave it into the hands of the government who should be leaving it into the hands of our God, and pray for our Nation daily, having Faith that all will be well.
Rev Essie

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