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Such sadness today

Just some thoughts as I meditate this afternoon.
Sometimes I feel like I know how lot felt in the Bible when he was living in Sodom and Gomorrah. You can only imagine how bad it was. Nowadays we’re living in squeezed in apartments, smelling the stench of crack cocaine burning our nostrils and heating up our chests as people smoke it so close to you. Everyday you smell the stench of hot plastic burning through your throat.
Times are getting worse and people no longer respect one another. Your enemy lives inches from your front porch. People hate one another and blame each other for no reason. Oh Jesus how we need you, we need you now. People are getting diseases and it’s not because of anything they did but it’s because of people that they lived near. This is such an unfair world. Sometimes I feel sorry for the elderly who have no voice who are surrounded by abusers, they are afraid to speak up or enjoy their gardens or yards. What a world we live in. Father please send Jesus now?