To our young people

Young people. No one is going to tell you that you have a special anointing on you because they'll be too busy trying to copy and precede you.

Look what I found on my dishes this morning

I got a cup and I let him outside and believe it or not he crawled back on my screen door. The weather is so strange the poor bugs don't even know what to do. He doesn't want to leave my house.

Most of the time you are not the problem

Most of the time you are not the problem. And just like in Jesus' day, people chose to follow those with the "better upbringing." #Mary #singlemom #thelesserchoice #stepdad

New Sunday Service Number

✝︎~Rev. Essie~✝︎

Welcome to New Birth Ministries. Please “like” our page. Sunday Service-“Micromanna” @ 10 a.m. Et 1-732-434-3823 / Podcast We are not to be held responsible for any misinformation that may be posted. Thanks for visiting, God bless!

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Good Sunday morning! 10/17/21

The Lord God is high and lifted up! Baruch Atah Hashem Adonai! Rise up this morning and give him all the glory and praise in Jesus name. Show the World that as a Child of God you are blessed in the field, and blessed in the city, you are blessed wherever you go. And whoever … Continue reading Good Sunday morning! 10/17/21