Mother’s Day 2020 Sermon

Mother’s Day 2020 by Rev Essie Scott “Happy Mother’s Day!” to all of our Mother’s today no matter what age that you are, and may the Lord bless you greatly for being a mother in the natural, by way of adoption, and/or spiritually. Whether you’ve been a great mother, or thought that you haven’t been … Continue reading Mother’s Day 2020 Sermon


Mother’s Day fun!

1. Don’t count your chickens ________ 2. A hard head makes a _________3. Don’t cry over __________4. And idle mind is _________ 5. Don’t change horses ________6. Children should be seen and _______7. Strike while the _________8. It’s always darkest before ________9. Never under estimate the power of _______10. You can lead a horse to … Continue reading Mother’s Day fun!