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"fly by" relationships with God

There are many who experience such limited time with God, yet they wonder why their prayers aren’t being heard. I call these, “fly-by relationships” or “catch me if you can” relationships. They speed past that shut-in time with God as though they were on the run and He is supposed to reach out and catch them in their ignorance towards Him. He can you know? You’d be surprised what God can do to get our attention. Sometimes His ways may not seem so sweet or funny, so let’s stay on His good side.
Is your relationship a ‘fly by’ one with the Most High? How many times a day do you speak to your Creator and tell Him not only about all of your troubles but tell Him how much you love Him and adore Him? God loves to hear from us! Don’t allow negative people, (even some relatives and so-called friends,) to tell you that your prayers aren’t being heard because God has “more important things to do.” That is a lie of the enemy and he is hoping that you fall for it and keep your mouth shut and not praise and worship God OR ask for help now and then. God dwells in the praises of His people. Praise Him at all times. I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. (Psalm 34:1)
No two humans are the same, God made it that way. No two voices are the same. When each of God’s zillions of people speak to Him, He hears our voice and recognizes it. When your children call you on the phone you recognize their voice right? Or you husband, wife, sibling or friend. That is how God recognizes you as well. He absolutely loves to hear from you. He knows that you’ve sinned and done some things wrong. That’s why He sent Jesus to become sin so that you can be covered by His Work on the Cross. This is exactly why no one can get into Heaven unless he or she has accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior because He S A V E D us from sin, Hell and death by offering Himself as the Highest Ever Sacrifice. If He didn’t we’d never get into Heaven. Works without Faith is dead as well as Faith without Works. Your beautiful, “I think I’m a nice person” works will NOT get you into Heaven. It’s Jesus the Christ or blackness with weeping and wailing. I’ve had people tell me that they don’t believe in “that Jesus stuff.” They say that they love God but they are calling God a liar by saying that there is no son named Yeshua HaMaschiach (His Hebrew name of various spellings throughout the years) or, Jesus the Christ. And no, “Christ” is not His last name. It’s His title.
God is not into the Fly-by relationship thing. One morning you say, “Hello and thank you for today Lord” and the next morning you are grumpy and say nothing neither do you thank Him for waking you up again. He really didn’t have to you know. We have to check our own motives and attitudes on a daily basis. Can you imagine what the disciples went through while they were walking with Jesus? They were in “check myself” bootcamp. Well, Peter had a way to go I presume, but he was there. The cursing (his mouth) and the way he let satan use him to speak to Jesus via doubt. Not to mention ‘Doubting Thomas’ who had to see the wounds in Jesus’ hands before he believed that he and risen. And wait a minute! Didn’t Jesus already tell them that He was coming back? Sooooo, Jesus lied then? Ok Thomas. Great mentee. Anywhooo…. And yes, there were women there as well so we can’t use the old, “menstruation” excuse. I am sure that they didn’t bite Jesus’ head off during “that” time of the month or cry for chocolate, amen? Because you had a bad night doesn’t mean that God doesn’t want to hear from you. Because you had a headache, physical problems or nightmares, doesn’t mean that God doesn’t still deserve praise and worship. Get this…humans are sometimey, God is all-the-timey. If some of us would just stop and let His Peace enter our hearts, we’d forget the headaches and heartaches or bad dreams. So many of us are trying to remember the dreams that we forget to talk to God in the morning. I used to  be so busy in the morning trying to remember my dreams so that I can write them down. I do believe in writing them down, they could be your next direction from the Lord, but my fellowship (actually my “thank you session”) with God comes first. If there is anything that He wants me to remember about the dream(s), (and sometimes it can be His direction as well,) He will cause me to remember it when I am through thanking and praising Him and praying.
Some people are so busy trying to be first on the internet, ie., Facebook that you wonder if they spent any time with the Lord at all that morning. It’s like people roll over, grab their phones and log on to Facebook. Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. (Revelation 2:4) Everyone is trying to out-post others or see who has the most manly, pretty or hottest post. It’s a shame to watch. Some are early risers but you sometimes get that feeling as though they hadn’t even prayed or washed before posting. The internet has become a circus. There is so much competition and ‘nothingness’ going on that you can get lost in it. Not to mention that Facebook already admitted that they were experimenting on us at various times to ‘see how we handle things,’ That’s ludicrous. And Christians are literally falling for it hook, line and sinker. They won’t speak to their neighbor or give someone a ride to the store but they want to be first to post online each day. God showed me where even saying, “Good Morning” too much online can become a trap and take us away from our focus. I used to do it like clockwork, especially for my ministry page, until I began to see how it can become a god, (little ‘g’) to us. You spend more time doing great “Good Mornings” than you do in prayer. I had some people get upset with me because I didn’t say “Good Morning” to them in time. I still do them though, once in a while but not daily. Oh yes, I love encouraging and uplifting people but it’s no longer a “has to be” or “needed” exercise for me each a.m.. Now, God has freed me to the point where sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Ahhhh, Freedom, it’s feels so good. And I no longer jump up in the wee hours of the morning to get online. Yes, I’ve learned to rest. The World doesn’t need me but one thing I do know….I NEED God. The World lives on without my Good Mornings. Not only that, I post other content throughout the day but it’s all after I spend time with God. When your ministry become a job, it’s no longer a gift to the Most High. He took us out of slavery and doesn’t want us to voluntarily go back in. Amen?
Let’s get our emotions and motives in check, put them under our feet where they belong and serve the Lord with all Joy and gladness. Many people can’t get God’s work done or help someone else because of their emotions. They’re too emotional to let the truth of a matter take precedence. Emotions are fly-by as well, aren’t they? Let’s stop flying by the Lord and start stopping in and chatting with Him a while. Provoke others to do so as well. Be a good example of a believer.
Have a great night and a peaceful, wonderful tomorrow.
Rev Essie Scott

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