Re: NewBirthMinistries ~ NBBI God’s Switch [1 Attachment]

OH MY do I remember the "switch"!!  My mother did the same only not the braiding.But how we leaerned!!!You are right though....God is preparing and no one seems to be noticing signs but it is good to know that there are some who are coming to the Lord.The Coming cannot come soon enough.1000 years is … Continue reading Re: NewBirthMinistries ~ NBBI God’s Switch [1 Attachment]

Thank you for your prayers.

For those who have been following my weight loss, bought our book "Movement is Medicine", and who have been praying for my physical 'issues', I have good news from my doctor again today. I thank God for that. The pain that I have been feeling? Definitely sciatica/nerve; on prednisone. The doctor plainly stated, "Everything isn't … Continue reading Thank you for your prayers.