How to be financially affluent on one excellent decision.

Baruch Atah Adonai!


I just got a call from a lady in my apartment building asking me if I could take over Monday Bible Studies downstairs for tomorrow. I had to turn it down and assure her that she has to do it because I begin to wind up on Saturdays and prepare for Sundays and by Monday morning, I am drained and ready for a nice cup of coffee and a day of rest. She said, “I told the ladies to come down and see you on Sundays when you preach and they wouldn’t have to worry about Mondays!” I thought that was cute. I used to do the Tuesday Bible Studies here until I began Sunday services a couple of years ago. 

The invite was awesome but sometimes you just have to say no especially when it can cause you to tire, and tiring out like that weakens your resistence in your body which brings on sickness. God’s Grace is sufficient but He also wants us to use Wisdom too amen?  Even Jesus rested. Pray for our Monday Bible Study ladies? Thanks! God bless. ~ Essie