Christian TV blocking going on perhaps? Blog: 9 Jan 2015

Christian programming attempted here!

For a few years now I have noticed that if you don’t pay for cable, it is really hard to get your local Christian Tv station in and that’s a shame. I bought 2 of those new Sky-Tv antennas and to be honest, they work great. You get about 13-18 channels on them depending upon where you live and what kind of building that you live in. I have some friends who sing in a beautiful group and everytime they are on this channel…..I miss it! It has been about, I’d say, the past 5 years that I have attempted to watch Christian Tv. When I scan the antenna into my Tv, I get just about everything except Christian Tv. and what gets me is the fact that it shows up on the screen as though it SHOULD be in! 

These past 2 days, I have been blessed to be able to get Channel 40-1 and 40-2 (Christian Tv in the Pittsburgh area.) I was surprised when I got it. This morning, all of a sudden and out of the blue, it is skipping really badly and I can only hear every 5th word that they are saying! I was attempting to listen to my buddy Andrew Wommack, (I love him. He’s so gentle and kind with a pleasant face and pleasant style of delivering the Word,) I said to myself, “Now if they were talking about sex, vomiting (and always when you are eating,) abuse, whoredoms, bad kids, or drugs, the channel would come in perfectly.”

The struggle is real folks. Lol. It may seem like a joke but the Prince of the “Power” of the Air is busy! 

Stay tuned!  

My pet peeve tonight

I am watching a Christian station and what bothers me to the fullest is when a praise and worship team sings 12 songs and they all sound the same. Does this bother anyone else? Lol. Maybe it’s just me. Same keys, same chords, same sound, etc. It’supposed to make us happy not aggravated!