Fwd: Wesley Philp repinned 1 of your pins

Bless God! I hit the Canonsburg, Pa page on Pinterest! Lol. Cool. Thanks to whoever did this. And no, it wasn't myself...lol.  Wesley Philp repinned 1 of your pins body{width:100% !important; -webkit-text-size-adjust:100%; -ms-text-size-adjust:100%; margin:0; padding:0; background-color:#f7f5f5; background:#f7f5f5 url('http://passets.pinterest.com/images/paper.jpg') repeat;} .ExternalClass {width:100%;} /* Force Hotmail to display emails at full width */ .symbolfix img{width:10px !important;height:10px !important;} … Continue reading Fwd: Wesley Philp repinned 1 of your pins

Advice from the Ocean

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