Fwd: Want to make Israel more beautiful?

Plant Fruit Trees in The Land of Israel

Plant Fruit Trees in the Land of Israel! Click HERE if images do not display

The New Year for Trees
in Israel has Already Begun

Spring is Almost Here! Soon we will see the magnificent
Fruit Trees of the Land of Israel
blossom with beauty and bounty

This is a special opportunity to
enhance the physical and spiritual
beauty of the Land of Israel.
Join us in performing the very special Mitzvah (good deed) of planting trees! Become part of the Israel Experience:
-Help Support Israeli Farmers
-Help the Land produce more fruit
-Help acquire the Land’s blessings

Monday, 17 February 2014

Good Morning!
So how was your weekend? 
May your day be long with goodness and mercy, blessings and joys! God gave us a new day and you are prayed for. 

Rev. Esther R. Scott

~ Min. Lexi Scott

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