NBBI note to students

RevEssie Scott

To those interested in NBBI Bible lessons: There are a few of you who haven’t returned the application although you said you were interested. We need the app first. We operate on a “give and give basis” as not to harass anyone. Once you send in, then you will receive the free lessons. 

To those of you who are enjoying them: We thank you, are glad for you and are keeping you in prayer. 

India and Africa: App!

And to those who thought it wouldn’t work: We are still praying for you. God is on a wonderful move with us. For that, we thank him.

Fwd: [NewBirthMinistries] Welcome to our new members!


Thank you for joining up with us! God bless you and may you find what you seek!  You are now on our prayer list as well. Remember to send in your prayer requests!
Gods love to you.
Rev Essie Scott
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