The new Women in Combat Law

RevEssie Scott  ~ Via my Facebook

To those who have been asking me about the new Women in Combat law:

I wasn’t excited at all about the possiblity of being in combat. I served in the 2nd MP Station in Oakland, Pa. (Military Police.) My MOS was 3043 Basic Supply. I issued government supplies to soldiers and was a secretary to my Superior who was a very good man, Robert Johnson. I was trained to fight by the Texas Rangers, and yes, they ARE crazy (in a great way). It was rough but I’m glad I did it.

I can not only defend myself but my country when the need arises. A little rusty but trust me….it WILL come back. It took me 27 years to learn how to stop getting up at 5 a.m. Well, actually, I still do. Even earlier at times. 

I loved the Corps. It gave me a sense of belonging to a group of people who defend other human beings. I’ve had my positives and negatives with it. I was in during the Cold War, that makes me a Veteran. So to all who are saying, “Yea, she’s a Veteran, right”……I AM. 

I am a Single, Black, Female, Veteran Mother of 2 wonderful, outstanding children who have seen their positives and negatives as well and came out wonderfully. I have served my Country and, well…..

It feels good. Haters may hate but I am happy in Jesus!
Semper Fi!