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Happy Martin Luther King Day President Obama!

God bless Martin Luther King day 2013

Martin Luther King spent his life making things safer and more relaxed for those who had been rejected and tortured because of their color. He laid his life down for us all even though he had received notices that something bad could possibly happen. He could have run away but he continued on in his race for justice and freedom.
Now is not the time to become slack in our abilities to fight the enemy. The enemy is not a person, place or thing, it is a spirit. Anything that uses people to stop you from living free and enjoying what life has to offer is the enemy at work. For we wrestle not against flesh but principalities and wickedness in high places. Daniel got his prayer answered after his angel wrestled 21 days with an evil, hindering spirit. Esther had to call a fast for her people for 3 days and 3 nights and God saved her people.
God has enabled His people to overcome by the Blood of Yeshua and His name. No matter what the battle looks like, we will automatically win. Once we call on our Father above, the game is over. There have been many battles in my life that looked horrible as though I would never get over them. I called on my Daddy and He took over. I rested and won in my resting. Now that Martin Luther King is ‘resting’ from harm of any kind, HisAbba has taken over and is finishing all that he started for the good of the people.
Today is a good day for me. As a black woman who wasn’t allowed to eat in Isaly’s ice cream store when I was young, today is a good day. As a black woman who got raped, beaten, dogged, called “ugly” because of my race and stature, placed in the back of many lines and called names by teachers in school, today is a good day. I am watching a Black man swear in as President of the United States for the 2nd time. It feels so good. Others may be watching for mistakes but I watch Barach and Michelle Obama spiritually. I want to make sure that they run the country the way that God wants them to. When I see something that isn’t right, like Esther, I pray. I don’t condemn them to Hell or call them the Anti-Christ. There are many things that they’ve done that I disagree with but I just sit back and pray for them. If someone didn’t pray for me, I wouldn’t be successful in ministry as I have been lately. I am not financially successful but I am spiritually successful, that is better. I thank all who have prayed for me and I covet your prayers for the leaders of our Country. Great it has been and prayerfully it will continue to be even more great.
Just to think, a Black man being sworn in as President of the United States, the 2nd time and on Martin Luther King Day……awesome. And yes, I am going to enjoy it.
As I said, prayer works. He can’t go wrong if you continue to pray for him. Pray that God gives him understanding of the knowledge that God has given him. Pray that President Obama makes correct decisions that positively affect the nations spiritual nature. Pray that we come back to the God of all without allowing intimidation to sway our decisions. It is very doable.
God bless America and God bless you,
Esther Rochelle Scott

Good Martin Luther King day 2013~!

 I guess it’s safe to say that it’s cold here in Pa. Hope all is well from where you live. God bless you and have a great day.

Rev Essie

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Stones and dust and the spirit of intimidation

Stones and Dust and the Spirit of Intimidation

Today's church service with New Birth Church