Django, blacks and school.

My spirit is so grieved today. The day started out good until I read some links that were placed on some Facebook accounts. and a few others talking about racism. They were talking about how some schools in Pittsburgh, Pa. have black on black crime so badly that some people don't like to walk … Continue reading Django, blacks and school.

Obama Inauguration Benediction preferences

 Paul Begley has uploaded Obama's Inauguration "Kick God Out"....Obama's Inauguration "Kick God Out" Paul BegleyAtlanta Pastor Louie Giglio will not be allowed to pray at benediction also Are You Serious?You were sent this email because you chose to receive updates about new videos uploaded by Paul Begley. If you don't want these updates anymore, you can change your preferences by … Continue reading Obama Inauguration Benediction preferences

Praise be to God Almighty my video went viral!

I got 645 views this morning on my Na'aman video from our Church service yesterday . Is God good or what? I don't think that I've ever made 645 views a year on one video?! I think that is called "Viral?" you all who made the stats high like that, "Thank you, God bless … Continue reading Praise be to God Almighty my video went viral!