Esther Hadley, entertainer of my year.

I just came back from an interesting visit. After my daughter and I conducted church service downstairs today in our apartment building, and laid hands on people in prayer,  a lady friend of mine here wanted us to visit an elderly woman who lives near us named Esther. She has the same name as mine which means, of course, … Continue reading Esther Hadley, entertainer of my year.

Church, stop the Buffoonery

The Modern Western church has it all wrong. We are to 'give' God our best not 'show' God our best. He doesn't care about what we wear and how expensive it is or looks. He wants our hearts. I know Christians that dwell on the fact that their clothes are awesome and their nails and hair … Continue reading Church, stop the Buffoonery

3rd Temple?

 Paul Begley has uploaded Jordan Confirms "Third Temple" Planned By Israel....Jordan Confirms "Third Temple" Planned By Paul BegleyJordanian Minister Abdul Salam Abadi confirms from "Hashemite Leadership" that Netanyahu is planning to build the Third Temple http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.comand and http://www.israelnationalnews.comYou were sent this email because you chose to receive updates about new videos uploaded by Paul Begley. If you don't want these … Continue reading 3rd Temple?