Addicted to TV?/Computer?

 The TV is my shepherd, I shall want more. It makes me lie down on the sofa. It leads me away from the faith; It destroys my soul. It leads me in the path of sex and violence for the sponsor's sake. Yeah, though I walk in the shadow of Christian responsibility, there will be … Continue reading Addicted to TV?/Computer?

To those who need a special boost.

When life shouts that all is bad, tell it with the power that God gave you in Jesus that all is well! Exhort that energy that God gave you to change that which is not to that which is! Exercise your right to be happy. Send that which is evil to dry places never to … Continue reading To those who need a special boost.

Manure-powered stoves?

 This email should display for most devices. If it is not displaying beautifully, view the web version.Dear Rev.Esther,FACES OF CLIMATE ACTIONLearn MoreYou probably wouldn't believe me if I told you stoves powered by manure are reducing carbon emissions.And yet, methane stoves in India are doing just that: providing a cleaner burning fuel and saving time, money, … Continue reading Manure-powered stoves?

Heavenly Memo: "Good Monday Morning!"

Father God, Thank you for another day for us to tell somebody about the love of your Son Jesus Christ. Thank you for keeping us safe as we slept last night and for wrapping your arms around us, whispering to us as we slept. Someone needs forgiven, someone needs to forgive. Cause these things to … Continue reading Heavenly Memo: "Good Monday Morning!"