Porn now?

Recently I've noticed that my posts are being redirected to porn sites...... ......that's a good thing!  My enemies are being used to "get the Word out" to those who may need it! Praise God! Jesus walked, sat and ate with prostitutes and the like. What makes me think that I am too good to do so? … Continue reading Porn now?

Heavenly Memo: "Your/God’s enemies"

Fret not when evil  men conspire against you or even when you find evil in your own house. God is your Maker and your Shield. He will protect you in the very times of trouble. Your enemies are blinded by the devil to think that they are leading you into oppression and depression. It is God … Continue reading Heavenly Memo: "Your/God’s enemies"

Application for free bible lessons snail mail or email.

Application for free bible lessons from NBBI. (New Birth Bible Institute.)To be sent to revessie@yahoo.comNo free lessons! :)1. Name 2. Address 3. Phone 4. Birthday 5. Gender 6. Children 7. Are you saved? 8. Married or single (please circle) 9. Why are you interested in New Birth Bible Institute? 10. Who referred you? 11. … Continue reading Application for free bible lessons snail mail or email.

Crucifying Christians in Egypt

  paulbegley34 just uploaded a video Help Center | Email Preferences paulbegley34 just uploaded a video: Egypt Mursi "Crucifying Christians" And Journalist!! Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammad Mursi of Egypt is now allowing crucifixions of Christians and any journalist that opposes his "Radical Islamic" beliefs. Bible Prophecy fulfilled and and More  © 2012 … Continue reading Crucifying Christians in Egypt