Amazing Confession Egypt General "Seeks Idols" Prophecy Fulfilled?

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Heavenly Memo: Clap your hands!

Psalm 471 O clap your hands, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph.While watching Sid Roth this morning, there was a preacher who told of how God cleansed and healed him and brought him from a mighty long way. He said that he saw so many people get healed by praising God. … Continue reading Heavenly Memo: Clap your hands!

Prayer Requests for 6/22/12

 Please pray for each member of New Birth and our families?  God is doing a good work through this group and for that we thank you Lord.Pray for a man in my building named Dave who went into the hospital to have his tonsils taken out and the doctors found cancer.Pray for the Peace of … Continue reading Prayer Requests for 6/22/12

"Gas Chamber=no fun"

 Just sharing some of my Marine Corps memories. The Gas Chamber was horrible. Yeah, this is real.  ladrev1257 sent you a video: "Gas Chamber=no fun"   Gas chamber Gas Chamber=no fun I was in the last group that went in so the air was thick with CS. © 2012 YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, … Continue reading "Gas Chamber=no fun"

"Senior Drill Instructor’s Speech-Parris Island"

It is really like this. 🙂 I was there, well Parris Island, N.C. anyway.  ladrev1257 sent you a video: "Senior Drill Instructor's Speech-Parris Island"   Sharpness! Ouu-rah! Senior Drill Instructor's Speech-Parris Island 5-14-2011...Raw recruits meet their Drill Instructors for the first time...And their Drill Instructors' are sworn in, before they take command of the recruits, known … Continue reading "Senior Drill Instructor’s Speech-Parris Island"

"Your first 5 minutes at Marine Corps Recruit Depot – San Diego"

 Ah the memories! Semper Fidelis. My days were Parris Island, South Carolina.  ladrev1257 sent you a video: "Your first 5 minutes at Marine Corps Recruit Depot - San Diego"      Ah the memories! Semper Fidelis. Your first 5 minutes at Marine Corps Recruit Depot - San Diego Subscribe for more. . © 2012 YouTube, … Continue reading "Your first 5 minutes at Marine Corps Recruit Depot – San Diego"