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Heavenly Memo: Clap your hands!

Psalm 47

1 O clap your hands, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph.

While watching Sid Roth this morning, there was a preacher who told of how God cleansed and healed him and brought him from a mighty long way. He said that he saw so many people get healed by praising God. The Lord dwells in the praises of His people. We need to take out more time of our days praising God and clapping. It’s good to clap and praise. Some of us value how “quiet” we are. Maybe we should value praising God with noise more instead and stop bragging about how quiet we can be. The Worldly are loud and they do intimidate those around them at times. (Much like the Chaldeans in the bible. An ancient race. Eze 23:23, Daniel 2:2, 3:8, 4:7, and 5:7.) 

We Christians should be more forceful against the enemy. We’ve confused meekness with weakness. Worldly people don’t even clap while dancing anymore because worldly dancing has become so rude and nasty that there is no space nor time for clapping. It interupts their purpose of pleasing the flesh. Please pray for our young people. 

The preacher this morning went on to say that clapping makes a mockery the devil. When God set ambushments against Israel’s enemies the Praise and Worshippers went ahead of Israel and they were singing, praising and clapping. Clapping is a great part of praise and worship. Sid Roth began to clap and heard healings happening as he clapped. 

clap 1 |klap|verb ( claps, clapping clapped with obj. ]strike the palms of (one’s hands) together repeatedly, typically in order to applaud: Agnes clapped her hands in glee | [ no obj. ] the crowd was clapping and cheering.
Something to ponder upon…if God loves praise and dwells in it, how much more would he like our ‘applauding’ Him on a daily basis?
Applaud your God in honor and praise. He loves it. Clap and stir up your spirits. Don’t allow the Spirit of Intimidation to stir you.

Rev Esther R. Scott


Prayer Requests for 6/22/12


Please pray for each member of New Birth and our families?  God is doing a good work through this group and for that we thank you Lord.
Pray for a man in my building named Dave who went into the hospital to have his tonsils taken out and the doctors found cancer.
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.  The Abomination of Desolation is near. The evil one will stand in the Holy place soon and declare that he is God.  Be ready.
From Full Gospel Assemblies, International:

Greetings in the name of Jesus 

The following are prayer requests .

From Min. Calderon..

Pray for Evangelist Jason Chalifoux of Canada, he works the homeless
and addicts, and he has been under attack from the devil… 

Pray for Mary and her marriage and for bitterness and anger…

May you all have a blessed day in Christ.


"Gas Chamber=no fun"

 Just sharing some of my Marine Corps memories. The Gas Chamber was horrible. Yeah, this is real. 

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 Gas chamber
I was in the last group that went in so the air was thick with CS.

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"Senior Drill Instructor’s Speech-Parris Island"

It is really like this. 🙂 I was there, well Parris Island, N.C. anyway. 

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 Sharpness! Ouu-rah!
5-14-2011…Raw recruits meet their Drill Instructors for the first time…And their Drill Instructors’ are sworn in, before they take command of the recruits, known as the Drill Instructor’s Creed. And then their Senior Drill Instructor gives his speech, a well known speech to the new recruits of what is required of them at ALL times…This speech is very motivational and inspirational to recruits willing to earn the title of a United States Marine…

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"Your first 5 minutes at Marine Corps Recruit Depot – San Diego"


Ah the memories! Semper Fidelis. My days were Parris Island, South Carolina. 

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