Go tell it on the Mountain

Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” 

Jesus distinctly tells us that everyone is to know about Him. It is a directive.
directive |diˈrektiv|nounan official or authoritative instruction: moral and ethical directives.adjectiveinvolving the management or guidance of operations: he is seeking a directive role in energy policy.ORIGIN late Middle English (as an adjective): from medieval Latindirectivus, from direct- guided, put straight, from the verb dirigere(see direct.
A believer believes in Jesus and His Words and carefully exercise them in their lives. To be a believer you cannot cast some of His words aside and pick and choose. Some have an unstable way of doing so. Recently I have been hearing people say to me, “I love you and your daughters’ singing and preaching. It would be nice if you could come to our church but…” and they look at me with their heads tilted and their noses a bit red. I thank God for sending people into my life who are not afraid to tell me these things. God bless their souls. That shows that they see the God/Jesus in our ministry and they accept it wholeheartedly regardless of what their pastors may think. It is a shame that we have to say that. 
One Pastor told his congregation that if a Black person or a Mexican person would walk into the church, he would sit down and not preach until they left the church. Funny thing is that my daughter and I was shopping across from the church one day. I looked over and said, “That looks like a nice church.” She said, “Maybe we can visit one day!” I replied, “Yes, that would be nice babe.” Little did we realize what was being preached over the pulpit. Selective doctrine. The only selective doctrine Jesus had was the fact that either you believe in Him or you don’t. There are no special sections or fountains in Heaven for Greeks, Germans, Mexicans, Blacks, Whites or Jews. It’s all the same and we will all drink out of one fountain…..God’s.  
Rev. 21:6 And he said unto me, “It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.” 
Note, no race nor creed. We just have to have the thirst for God and His truths and we will be filled. If you are setting under a church leadership that teaches separation of any kind, even the smallest hint, besides holy and unholy, gird yourselves and flee. It is not of God. God will hold you responsible. Ask Jonah. The Pastor didn’t die for you and you will have to give an account of your actions. The only way that someone can stay under a false doctrine is if they agree with it.
Folks, this is not just about race. We have people in the body of Christ who will not reach out to the sick, the poor, addicts and alcoholics. And to pick one up in their clean Cadillacs….gasp! Some have even attempted to go to church in their jeans and t-shirts and was quickly escorted to the door. There are many reports of people who have been in the hospital and no one from their church visited the entire time. I get many calls from people who complain about this and are heart-broken about it.  Someone that I know has a seriously mentally challenged child who was in the hospital for a month and no one visited to pray over the child. You would be surprised of the preachers who do the works that others should be doing for their own congregations, including taking people shopping, loading and carrying groceries, getting prescriptions for the elderly at pharmacies and cooking. While one counts the collection plate and is satisfied, another takes their place and visits the elderly or sick. You never know what a person is doing without telling all of their business. 
The Word of God says that in the end times, love will wax cold. Love is always putting the other person first, realizing that God is going to take care of you while you are taking care of others. He’s a Great Dad, He won’t leave us unattended. Jesus showed the greatest love when He was beat unrecognizably and hung from the cross so that we can be forgiven through Him and accepted into the New Jerusalem and live Eternally with Peace, Love and Joy. No one can get to the Father but by Jesus and Him alone. If you believe what Jesus said when He told us to go into all the world and preach, do so without being descriminatory. While you are going on vacation to the islands or another area so that you can enjoy the sunshine and sand, taking pictures for Facebook or Twitter, tell someone about Jesus. Even if it’s just one. He’s waiting. Be not damned.
Rev. Esther R. Scott
{HAPPY FATHER’S DAY ABBA! Love you, Essie.}
Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. 16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.”

Mobile Hotspot with Sprint? Heads up!

Sprint Newsflash friends!

Get this…. Sprint tricked me into going down to 2G with data (mobile hotspot) for only 19.99 then today emailed me and told me that I was close to my limit and I’d have to pay 0.05 cents per kilobyte or whatever if I go over. I’ve only had it for two weeks! The service is horrible. You have to continuously log on and off and on again so that your computer can link into it.  I tried to go back to my 29.99 and online operator said that I can’t go back to that, it’s no longer available. I have to take the 49.99 a month plan for 6GB’s. 

What craziness!  I can’t wait for Jesus

Just alerting you so that you will not do the same thing that I did. 

God’s is always better

God’s is always better.

The Apostle Paul speaks to us about the simplicity of God. God doesn’t always useAristotles and Einsteins. They were gifted people nonetheless just as we all are in some way but how much “Jesus” did they preach? Did they preach to Salvation? And when we find someone who claims to have a great spiritual prescence, we must discern whether they have a spirit of prophecy or a spirit of divination. There is a difference.
Paul tells us in Verse 17 that Jesus did not send him to baptize people but to speak and teach the Word of God. This shows us that Baptism is not a necessity to salvation. It is for a sign to others that one has received Jesus Christ. Does it hold miracles? In some instances yes, in some no.
God is telling us that even the smallest, most simple topic in the Kingdom is Wiser than man’s worldly wisdom. He would never give satan Wisdom. Can you imagine where we would be if satan knew everything? Bruce Lee, wise, a master in the art of defense once said, “A good teacher never tells his students everything.” (Paraphrased.) If man said this, how much more would God?
Verse 25 says that the foolishness of God is wiser than men. If man is trying to be all-knowledgeable, all-knowing, hence….the all-seeing eye, the internet, even Google, Bing and Ask, man has a long way to go. The foolish, silly things in Heaven are wiser than what we have down here and is stronger than us. This is why we should not question someone’s calling unless they are outrageously off-the-mark of the Word of God. There are Prophets and there are False Prophets. You will know the good Prophets by their selflessness and their preaching of salvation unto Jesus Christ. False Prophets only want you to have a Cadillac a plane and a house. There are no U-Hauls in Heaven therefore, you will not be taking anything with you when you go. God is a good Landlord. Our mansions are pre-filled when we get there.
Verse 26 absolutely shows us that those who preach and teach were not chosen because of their so-called Wisdom. The teachers of the Kingdom are not mighty and not many noble. Let’s take our idols (Pastors and other leaders) in Christianity off of their pedastals and put Jesus there. Let’s take a look at the word
noble |ˈnōbəl|adjective ( nobler , noblest )1 belonging to a hereditary class with high social or political status; aristocratic: the Duchess of Kent and other noble ladies.2 having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals: the promotion of human rights was a noble aspiration.• of imposing or magnificent size or appearance: entering the building with its noble arches and massive granite columns.• of excellent or superior quality.noun1 (esp. in former times) a person of noble rank or birth.
God chooses those who are humble with good hearts, not those who are born into High Social rings. Verse 27 says that God has chosen the foolish things to confound the wise. Yes, He also chose people like you and me. We all came from somewhere with odd backgrounds. Paul was a jailbird. Peter was a fisherman who liked to cuss. Matthew took money off of people. Mary was a prostitute full of demons. Martha was a worrier. And John, (and I’ve heard Stephen in some cases) was said to have an ‘effeminate-like’ appearance, or so young that the painting of the Last Supper was painted with one of the Apostles without a beard which was very different from the Jewish custom at that time.Verse 28 also gives our resume’ by letting us know that God chooses the base things of this world to preach His Word. base 1 |bās|noun1 the lowest part or edge of something, esp. the part on which it rests or is supported.
So the next time that someone respects another because of ‘who’ they are or what ‘title’ they have, search for their ‘humility’ instead to see if they know “Who’s” they are. Verse 29 “That no flesh should glory in His prescence.” God’s is always better.
Rev. Esther R. Scott