How to water bath meats and fish.

When I WB meats, I put them (cold and cut) in the jars with nothing but maybe some seasoning, potatoes, garlic and/or onions, if preferred, no water as meat makes it's own liquid, clean rims with vinegar for a good seal, place in water that covers jars at least 2" above top of jar, and … Continue reading How to water bath meats and fish.


Dream 5/12/20 early morn

Last night or early this morning sometime, I dreamed of following another vehicle uphill and we were doing well until..... a flood began flushing downhill towards us and I began to slow down. The other vehicle continued to climb nicely uphill but I began to lose speed in the water. My vehicle slowed down so … Continue reading Dream 5/12/20 early morn


Loaded hamburgers and fried cabbage with onion, red pepper and garlic. After I boiled the cabbage a while with it's seasonings in the Wok, I poured the liquid out in a cup and drank it. The warmth of the red pepper and garlic filled my throat with a healthy goodness. Then I fried the cabbage … Continue reading Dinner!