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Marines and Avon

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How God used Avon to save my friend.

Please pray for my friend? God knows her name. I sent her an Avon package, no call back. I sent another, no call back. She just called me and told me that she fell in her apartment and laid there for four days until her neighbor finally came in to help her. Get this, God … Continue reading How God used Avon to save my friend.

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Avon 35+ and still going

I've been selling #Avon for about 35 years, even before my oldest was born. I've watched this company please people all around the World operating with a genuine integrity.During this time of #socialdistancing, #Coronavirus and #Covid19, we all need a break. Slowly browse our new digital brochure and order your own pleasure and relaxation. On … Continue reading Avon 35+ and still going